Waiver & Trade Dominator '17 App Reviews

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Football Guys Fumble

This app worked for a couple weeks then it stopped syncing with my league or would sync incorrectly. Terrible app. Would give it no stars if I could.

Looks cool and has potential but has syncing issues

I buy their apps and a subscription every year and honestly I don’t think I will next year. The roster syncing doesn’t work automatically. I have to go in and link it back to my fantasy account every time I want the app to reflect the current rosters in my league

Where are the players?

For about the last 3 weeks, the app does not load all info for all available players, just 8-10 players. After that they are just shown alphabetically and even then, it stops listing players for the Ls thru Zs.

Good Content, but Not Timely

These guys come out with really good content, but the content doesn’t come out until far too late to be able to do anything with it. For instance, at 4pm on the Tuesday after OBJ broke and his ankle, it is telling me that I should pick him up off of Free Agency.... Likely not a good move since he has been ruled out for the year. By the time they’ve made the updates, any quality FAs will have already been acquired. They are plenty of FREE apps out there that push out updates much sooner.

Updates are not timely

It's 3 AM, Tuesday morning and I have updated this app 3 times and it still shows Dalvin Cook as being healthy and my best back on my roster. When I simulate a waiver pickup and have Cook as the player to drop, it states that this move is horrible. Cooks' injury has been known for almost 24 hours. The updates on this app need to be more through and timely!

Almost. Just needs a little more.

I know projections aren't everything but they do help. My only complaint is that when offering players to pick up after a trade... offer the top 20 RATED players on waivers. Or HOT players, like an injury backup. NOT top 5 then the rest alphabetically. No one is picking up Barkley. No one is picking up Asiata. Is doesn't give a fair look assessment.

Has potential, but feels like a broken beta version

Completely useless. Takes a couple of minutes per team in your league to run through all the calcs. That would be tolerable but it doesn’t save your selections between runs. And to make matters worse, it doesn’t have up to date info about players, so the time you spend waiting on the calcs is pointless. It’ll have you trying to trade for injured players, etc. Do not purchase this until all the kinks are worked out. They clearly pushed this out before it was ready to make a few bucks.

Useless Sync

Title says it all. I’ve had enough manually syncing or deleting and re-adding leagues to remedy the issue just to have it revert a few hours or days later.

Roster updates

My league's rosters won't update. The app the becomes worthless.

Has potential

The Waiver list does not sync with Yahoo. Shows guys as free agents that are actually on a team. The draft app, a lot more work should have went into this app before asking us to pay for it. Now I am turned off on the entire program.


Lots of metrics but no description of what they are or mean

Amazing Fantasy Football App

FBG this year has finally brought out an an app for use across all the major fantasy football sites. Fully customizable for rules and scoring, it highlights free agents so you can see who is available in your leaguer and where they rate versus you team. Only suggestion is to make the free agent highlight bolder since on a mobile device they are not that distinctive.

Great app but missing in leagues to link

Great app to use for my ESPN leagues but I'm missing out on being able to connect the leagues I have on sleeperbot. It's a great league service and I would like to be able to use this app to help my teams

Terrible app

The whole quality of footballguys has gone down and this app just proves it. Honestly this app is so buggy and limited its best just to use google. Wish I could get my money back.

Worked once-now won't display anything

On first use able to sync my League/Roster. Now it perpetually shows "Loading..." on app start but never displays any data. Still updates the database (at least says so). Haven't been able to use this app at all; waste of money.

New app, some technical bumps

They had some kinks with some data corrections earlier, but overall, nice solid app.

Great Idea, needs updates

The player analyzer doesn't change player values when there are injuries. For example, David Johnson still holds number one draft pick value even though he is on the injured reserve. Please fix this :)

Data sync issues

I would really like to give this app 4-5 stars. I can see it being useful IF the data updates were made in a timely manner. I have both Zeke and DJ and the ROS projections are completely off. The app still think DJ is a top ten back and thinks Zeke is suspended (same is true of their Lineup Dominator app). The interface is nice but because key information is outdated, it's making it difficult for me to use in my league. I'm a FBG subscriber and all their ROS projections are taking into account the latest DJ and Zeke info. Why isn't this app getting those updates?

Has great potential

For a paid app I expect up to date data especially Tuesday night when most waiver picks start. David Johnson is still showing possible points for weeks 3-17. He is out at least 6 weeks. Minimum 2-7 should be 0. If a big name player like this is not correct how can I trust data on other players?

Great app! Get the bundle! But......

The only thing that is stopping me from giving them the 5 stars. The sync feature is somewhat outdated. When I re-Sync and updated it. The app thinks some players are suspended (Bryant Pit Wr) is one. The Jags wideout M.Lee is a go. Other than that it's awesome. Get all of them.

Nice app but have to keep manually updating

App works great and definitely helpful setting lineups and managing multiple teams only problem is for accurate information I have to manually update information and rosters every use which is a pain

Pretty good

I think it has valuable information but the constant manual updates drive me crazy.

App doesn't sync with League info

This app doesn't seem to sync regularly with league info. Not a fan.

Amazing fantasy App

I'm so happy with all the stuff they come out with !I have all the Fantasy Football Guys Apps and I also subscribe to their site for 3yrs now!With this app it makes it so easy to do my homework before the games start .Amazing Job they do !Keep it up!Thank you so much!


Can't link/sync with yahoo fantasy since update


Don't buy this.

Does not make any sense

I used the draft tool from the same company. The rankings on the draft app don't match the ones on the lineup app or the trade app. So players this company said were good now aren't? And vice versa? So should I trade the WR I drafted in the third round? Because now the trade app says that person is more like a 6th rounder. Terrible combination of apps.

Significant & relevant info-all specific to your team needs

Significant & relevant info-all specific to your team needs I have paid subscriptions to quite a few sites and have created models based on all the data I get. I wish I knew about this beforehand because it would not only save me a significant amount of time sifting through relevant and applicable information, but also applying it to my teams' contexts - not to mention that all of it is customizable to a specific league and or team AND the context of those players relative to the team need relative to the league in general...yes...that good.

Wrong projections

I was relying on this app for my IDP 16 game projections. Then one day they switched from 16 game projections to 1 game projections and I didn't realize it so I dropped a player bc this app said he was downgraded but he actually wasn't downgraded on 16 game projection just a 1 game projection. Then someone else picked that player up and now my team is a lot worse all bc of this app. Not to mention it won't connect to my Yahoo league. If you play on Yahoo do not use this app it is worthless.

Landscape Mode

Please make the app in landscape mode! Thanks!



Love it!

Operates as advertised.

Works Great

Thanks for the updates, team syncing issues are gone now! This app has. When working awesome. Only thing I would like to ask for is landscape view on the iPad. Rarely ever hold my iPad in portrait view.


My roster hasn't updated for several days.

Fabulous app

Super helpful. Takes a lot of the work of of analyzing your team, trades and where holes are further in the schedule

Waste of $

Unless you've never played fantasy football don't waste your money

Love this app!!! But

Having a problem with the app saying other teams in my league have the same players/lineup as me

Buyer beware!!!!

Bought this app and when I synced it it changed my draft results in this years draft kit to last years draft results for my leagues. Emailed them and was told by email to set the draft year to this year. No such option and absolutely no guidance. I have emailed the person who responded to my concern and this person has never gotten back to me. I emailed to get my money back no response. No support! Major sync issue especial if you have the same leagues from last year in ESPN and NFL.com. Ugh!

Not as integrated as it could be

I used the FG Draft Dominator product and was very happy with everything about it - not to mention using FG rankings, which I subscribe to. So I bought their other two apps and neither imports the rosters from their own draft tool! How is that not possible? It wants me to enter all the rosters not linked to a top site manually! Huge waste of time. Please fix this and I'll gladly update my review.

Doesn't work yet

It would be nice if these worked before they were sold. Draft Dominator is awesome and works great, but these other two are very unstable and only work intermittently.

Needs some work

I love the footballguys and the draft dominator app. This one and the waiver wire app have a long way to go. They do NOT update rosters. You have to manually enter transactions for EACH TEAM every time there is a trade or free agent pick up or drop. That stinks. I will keep an eye open for some updates. I'm sure things will get better.

Good Marqueting Selling But....

Bought this App a week ago Because The Promo.. in the begining was fine for a day or so now my teams are no showing i contact for help and the only response i got is your request is been evaluated Really thats all not to happy with my invest

Fun toy

It's filling my obsession before the season starts.

Won't load

Downloaded app last night and worked then. Now just says loading. Will change rating after issue is fixed.

Get this app!

This is a great tool to download all of your leagues and easily see Waiver pickups and trade ideas. I use this in conjunction with Draft Dominator and Lineup Dominator apps also by Football Guys. These are all great apps. So much customization and info watch/read the training material it will be worth it the more you put into it the more you get out of it. Customer Support is the best I've ever seen. I got a response twice both within a few hours. Get all of these apps now and spend some time getting used to them it will pay off!

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